Little Gardener

My big five year old has energy that doesn’t quit, and a mind that’s even busier.  In the afternoon, when the little ones are napping, and I just want to sit down, he wants to go go go even in the hot sun.  If I fall asleep, I’m usually in trouble.

One day I dozed off and later found the big bag of red beans from the pantry had been dumped in the backyard.  Right in the middle of the yard.  I scooped most of them up, but some remained.  And they sprouted.


I remembered how fast our beans grew in my fourth grade science project.  So, I thought it would be fun for him to see these grow.  He’s always wanting to see something grow, and he’s dying for a project, so this’ll be fun!  And fast they did grow!


We ended up with several plants.  Right in the middle of the yard.  All doing well, without any attention.


And now, what could make this boy happier than seeing his plants actually produce food?  It’s the sweetest little bean pod I’ve ever seen!


Also around the time of the bean dumping, the boys got into some things they got in their Easter baskets.  They were little clay eggs filled with dirt and seeds.  You’re meant to tap the top open and pour water in and watch seedlings poke out, but my boys just threw them at the ground, watched them shatter into pieces, and walked away from it.

Later, my big guy found seedlings.  Again.  In the middle of the yard.


After some questioning, we found that one of the clay eggs was labeled “tomato.”  My big guy was so excited and hopeful to grow tomatoes!


Daddy transferred the two surviving plants to pots.  We were getting ready to leave for 10 days, and were praying these plants would be OK.


And JUST before we left, we had reason to pray our TOMATOES would be OK until we got back!


Sure enough, we came home to much taller plants, and a few of the tiniest, cutest tomatoes ever!

We are all watching over these plants now, and my big guy is so proud of his plants.  I am so proud of him, and his patience, dedication, and love for what God has given him.


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