Kindergarten Roundup

My big guy is going to be a kindergartener!  We recently registered him at our local school’s kindergarten round up.  I was so excited to be doing something that was for him.  It just doesn’t happen enough.  We went bright and early on the first day, with all our necessary paperwork.  Unfortunately, the school office staff were not so enthusiastic, and turned us away for not having “proper paperwork.”  Boo!  The boys didn’t understand the rude behavior, and it turns out the staff were being less than scrupulous, but their attitude was different when we went back later that week.  We got to go to Kindergarten Orientation and meet the principal and kindergarten teachers, and see their classrooms.

My big guy is very excited to achieve big things and have a school of his own.  We were happy to hear he has learned the basics for entering kindergarten (about four years ago), and is good to go.  We still have an Open House and kindergarten assessment to look forward to.  I was happy to hear the teachers cater the homework (yikes!  It’s kindergarten!) to the child’s ability level, so hopefully he won’t get lost in the crowd.

I’m a little nervous about getting both kids to school on time, since there is no parking area provided and both need to be walked in (they’re just babies after all).  One will start or get out of school within 30 minutes of the other, so it’ll be tight.  Then there’s our therapy schedule that will have to change (we’ll have to go back on wait lists for new time slots) to accommodate drop off and pick up.  And yikes!  Homework!  When will we fit that in?  How do I get him to actually do it?  Seriously.  Tell me.

I’m very excited to see my boy grow.  Whether it’s this school, or the charter school or school choice lottery, or even if I need to homeschool, I pray God will point us in the right direction for my guy. :)


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