Kids Choir

When I was looking for volunteer opportunities for my oldest son, I was also looking for extra-curriculars for him.  I was considering the kids choir at church, but he wasn’t technically old enough yet.  By the time he turned four, we were very busy with therapies, but we had even more reason to get him involved in something that was his own.

Committing to kids choir wasn’t easy.  We would finish therapy, eat lunch, nap, and I would drag everyone out of bed to get to rehearsal once a week.  It was rough.  It was important to me to do something for just him, and for him to be with kids his age.  I hoped it was worth it.  He wasn’t giving me any feedback about how he liked it.  He didn’t like when I asked about it or played the music for him to practice.  He just didn’t want me controlling anything about it.  He wanted it to be fun, and not a chore.  So, I left it alone.

I was excited to see him sing at senior centers, and reach out to the community.  He was excited to be on a stage.  He was happy with the experience, and I was surprised to see him stick with it and attend every rehearsal.  I loved hearing him sing worship songs.  I really enjoyed hearing his younger brother singing the songs around the house.

My big guy’s super shy, and barely moves when he’s on stage, so I wasn’t sure how much he liked it.  When it came time to sign up again, he wanted to!  So, I’m back to waiting in long lines to check him in to each rehearsal, entertaining my other two boys during the rehearsals that are twice as long as they were last season, and waiting in line to pick him up.  I’m downloading his music to my ipod as I type.  We’re gonna be rocking out to his music in the car everywhere we go, whether he likes it or not.  It’s all for him.  He needs to see that I, and our family, will work hard for him, just like we do for his brothers.  He’s worth all of it.  We will support him 100%.

We love you, Handsome Pants!


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