Kids’ Choir 2015

I’m really playing catch-up.  Didn’t realize so many things have happened.

Last spring, both big boys were in the kids’ choir.  They are both shy, so I expected them to quietly participate with their own serious ways.  Boy, did they surprise me!

My oldest sang his heart out at a volume we could actually hear.  He even got a solo (… if I was a fish in the sea…)!

My younger guy was more attentive and enjoyed it more than I expected.  He was the one singing the songs around the house all the time.

I had help with the baby on rehearsal days, and with what I thought would be an hour and a half to myself, I ended up helping run kids’ choir.  Typical mom.

The boys got to perform at the baseball stadium for the church’s 35th anniversary.



Then, we had our usual spring performance.



It was a really fun choir season!  I’m so glad I got to be part of it!

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