Joy Amidst the Chaos

When my eight year old broke his clavicle, he was in a lot of pain.  While my time was spent making him comfortable, deep inside I wanted to bring him extra joy.  I wish there was a way to tend to his every need and advocate for medical care, while planning and executing something special for him at the same time.  Our good friend brought him a basket of goodies, which happened to be his favorite things.  What a blessing!  It was just what I wanted to give him, when I was not yet able to.


It has been a rough and emotional week.  The whole family needs a break from the chaos that has been our reality.  First thing’s first.  I want to do something special for our little patient.

I wanted to make him a cool sling.  It couldn’t be a surprise, because I wanted it to be exactly what he wanted.  He picked out the fabric, and I stayed up late after our hectic schedule and made it.  He loved it!


What he didn’t know, was that I also made one for his monkey.  I even gave him a matching clavicle brace.  My guy was ecstatic!






I had no idea what I was doing, but I’m glad the slings worked out.  I’m so happy to see a smile on his face!

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