Jamberry Stylebox

I am so excited about Jamberry’s new Styleboxes!  They are a great new way to enjoy Jamberry!  There are so many reasons to LOVE Styleboxes!


I’m not the most artistic or creative person in the world, and because of that, I know I’m not utilizing the full potential Jamberry has to offer.  I’m not great at spotting good coordinating wraps and lacquers.  Fortunately, we now have Styleboxes, which come with a product from the catalog along with an exclusive wrap, which coordinate wonderfully!  It even comes with a style guide to show you how to get the look you want!  And before you subscribe, it gives you a quiz to see if you most identify with feminine, classic, or trendy styles.  You don’t need to make any decisions!  Jamberry does all the thinking and artistic designs, and you just have to get the mail and put them on each month!


I love getting surprises!  Whether it’s a sweet note from my husband or Christmas morning, I LOVE surprises!  And it seems everyone else does too, because subscription boxes are HOT right now!  From dog food, to baby toys, to make-up, you can get a subscription!  It’s all about the surprise!  You can’t choose what you get, nor will they leak any images ahead of time.  So, if you need that little something to look forward to, this will feed your hunger!


I love unique gifts!  Some people have it all.  Some don’t know what they want.  Some don’t want their birthday/Christmas to ever end.  This is the PERFECT gift!  She may have hinted that she wants this, but she still will have NO idea what’s coming!  This gift will pamper her and she’ll know she looks great.  And she probably never spends money on herself like this.  She won’t just get a gift once, but will get another the next month, and another the next month…  Nothing can top this gift!


Stylebox gets you a killer deal on Jamberry products!  Each box contains $30+ worth of Jamberry product plus a nail file and orange stick, and a style guide to show you how to create a great look with the products you received!  This equates to a deeper discount than even Jamberry consultants get!  And the longer the subscription, the better the deal!  Stylebox is the BEST way to buy Jamberry products!


I love feeling like part of the in-crowd.  And when I’m into something, I certainly don’t want to feel left out.  By getting Styleboxes, you are getting exclusive wraps ONLY available in Styleboxes, so those not subscribing can’t get them!  And subscriptions are only available to the public until August 31st.  After that, only those invited can get a subscription.  Then, hardly anyone will have these styles.  So get in before you CAN’T!

Get started here: http://ajam.jamberrynails.net/stylebox/Start.aspx


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