Jamberry In December

I am really loving my Jamberry nail wraps!  They are easy to apply, and I don’t have to worry about smudges, drying time, chipping, etc.  I just put them on in the evening, and the next morning I can go back to being hard on my nails.  If the application process is still a mystery to you, here is a great video tutorial!

I love that this one part of me is always done up and ready to go.  I wish my face and hair could be that way!

I love that I’m not putting chemicals on my nails.  I use coconut oil to take the wraps off, so I’m excited to see how healthy and strong my nails get, now that I’m not doing polish or acrylics at all.

The hardest part is deciding on designs.  I think I know what I like best, and then I see something else and change me mind.  I’m not very creative about coordinating different styles together, but some of the stuff I’ve seen other people come up with is quite inspiring!

Every month there is something new!  This month, there are holiday sets that have a retired wrap and an exclusive wrap in addition to two current wraps.







Each month there is an exclusive design available only that month.  This month it is Fire & Ice.  I love the cool metallic colors!


Each month there is also a host exclusive that only hosts of parties may earn.  I was sooo excited to get the December design!  It is right up my alley.



I love my Jamberry and love making Jamberry buddies, so if you ever want to come over and do nails… call me!



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