I’ll Miss This

These days, it seems like every day is the same, but there are those rare quiet moments when everyone is content, and I relish being with each of my children.  And I realize it won’t always be like this.

Someday I’ll miss inside out dirty socks strewn throughout the house.

I’ll miss getting Legos embedded in my feet.

I’ll miss the sound of Legos rattling up into the vacuum.

I’ll miss toothpaste on the floor.

I’ll miss half-finished cups of milk in the fridge.

I’ll miss pee on the floor.

I’ll miss indulging in fruit snacks as my nighttime guilty pleasure.

I’ll miss doing six loads of laundry at a time.

I’ll miss unwashed dishes.

I’ll miss wet washcloths piled in the shower.

I’ll miss shoes on the couch.

I’ll miss knees at the table.

I’ll miss incredible new Lego creations.

I’ll miss playing ball at the school until we’re exhausted.

I’ll miss playing hide and go seek.

I’ll miss water balloons.

I’ll miss researching new interests.

I’ll miss fishing.

I’ll miss science experiments.

I’ll miss sewing patches on vests after a great adventure.

I’ll miss helping in classrooms.

I’ll miss train rides.

I’ll miss the children’s library.

I’ll miss play dates.

I’ll miss tubing.

I’ll miss dance parties in the living room.

I’ll miss roly polies, ladybugs, and praying mantises.

I’ll miss spending the night on the sleeping porch.

I’ll miss jamming on musical instruments.

I’ll miss building rockets.

I’ll miss bald eagles and red tailed hawks.

I’ll miss staying up to read one more chapter of an adventurous book.

I’ll miss visiting our favorite farm.

I’ll miss camping in the backyard.

I’ll miss birthday parties.

I’ll miss soccer and basketball games.

I’ll miss gifts made of paper.

I’ll miss doctor appointments.

I’ll miss the excitement of Christmas morning.

I’ll miss climbing our favorite tree.

I’ll miss backyard soccer matches.

I’ll miss dressing up for Halloween.

I’ll miss the plays.

I’ll miss summer break.

I’ll miss carving pumpkins.

I’ll miss the first day of school.

I’ll miss being called back to the bed long after good-night.

I’ll miss loose teeth.

I’ll miss reading aloud.

I’ll miss having boo boos smooshed into my mouth for the kiss that will take the pain away.

I’ll miss waking up to a tiny arm around my neck.


Oh, please don’t grow up and move away.  I cherish every little bit.

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  1. Grammy
    July 6, 2018 at 9:37 am

    Dropping you off at college was one of the hardest days of my life.

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