His Love Is Strong

Anyone who knows me knows I’m a HUGE fan of Switchfoot.  I’m actually in love with them.  And have been.  For over 14 years.  Anyway, I really like their style, the songwriting, and the sound of Jon Foreman’s voice.  I’ve fallen away from following them closely since I’ve had kids, but I’m blessed to have brought my music-loving husband onto the Switchfoot wagon with me, so he updates me once in a while on what they’re doing.  Jon Foreman has some solo EPs that are really good.  My favorite song of his right now is Your Love Is Strong, from Spring.  It’s a message I always need to hear, delivered in a way I need to hear it.  It’s God’s Word and my daily prayer.  It mellows me out and I am a different person after listening to it.  But my favorite thing about it is a wonderful, vivid memory I have of my oldest son singing it when he was three.  We used to listen to it while getting ready in the morning.  The chorus is very easy to learn. Hearing a three-year-old sing it will bring tears to your eyes.  And that’s what I hear every time it’s played.

Sharin’ the Love…

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