Hide and Seek

I’ve noticed that with the house a mess, I feel defeated in ever getting the dishes and laundry clean.  It is so futile.  But I carry a heavy weight on my shoulders of being “busy” even though I’m not attempting to tackle it.  I busy myself with other things, to escape the overwhelming chores and the drama of my children’s behavior.  I come across a sale on kids’ clothes online, and I shop.  I see an article on parenting, and I read.  I really need to just give in and play with my kids.

I tend to play more when Daddy gets home.  I guess I figure he can share the burden of chores and drama, and therefore I can have a little fun, guilt-free.  Except, I’m guilty of not helping with the chores.  Hmm.  Anyway, recently, I played hide and seek with the kids, and realized I’d never done it before.  I’d seen them play with other people so much I figured I’d played too.  But I hadn’t.  And it hurts to realize and admit it.  In my lame defense, it’s hard to play with the big boys without ignoring the baby.  But I had so much fun!  And they did too!


I think my frustration in playing with the big boys has been that when I have time to play, they usually say they don’t know what to play, or they don’t want to right now, etc.  So, I kinda stopped asking.  I was happy to have my four-year-old ask me to play this time.  I loved searching for them, and opening a closet door and seeing two little faces grinning up at me.  I always found them together.  It was so sweet.


As different as my two big boys are, and as much as they fight, they really are bonding more than I expected.  They fight so harshly, I fear they will eventually give up on each other, or stop forgiving each other.  But when they aren’t fighting, they love each other immensely.  They keep a very tender spot for each other, that doesn’t seem to callus at all.


I vow to play more, and reap the benefits of the good times.  It’ll help me survive the bad times.  I hope.

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1 comment for “Hide and Seek

  1. Linda R
    September 5, 2013 at 7:32 pm

    I highly recommend Flylady! She has taught me that amazing things get done when you set your timer for 15 minutes – tackling Mount Washmore, cleaning off a counter. It’s amazing how much better you feel if you can see a couple of clean surfaces. And if you do just 2 or 3 15-minuteses a day, you can “have dessert” by playing with the kids. Flylady.net – check it out!

    Or you can do what I did for years — only clean when my mother-in-law was coming over. You have enough of those that your house should remain spotless, LOL.

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