Great Progress

I finally called a meeting with my three year old’s teacher after being at the school for six whole months.  I hadn’t received any concerns from the teachers, and I knew he was slow to warm up, so I was giving it some time, but I suddenly realized it had been six months!

I was so happy to hear he is reaching all of his goals without difficulty.  In some cases he is far surpassing his goals, and is pointed to as the model for the class.  I’m so happy to hear it is going so smoothly.

My little guy is very reserved, so I was ecstatic to hear that he initiates play and gives his opinions, and is assertive when he’s unhappy about something.  I don’t have to worry about him being left out, or silently upset about anything.

He is doing so well socially and academically that he is on track to go into general education kindergarten, and likely general ed transitional kindergarten as well.  We have another year before any of that, so he has plenty of time.

I am so proud of this amazing child who amazes me more every day!  He is going to do great things!  He already is!


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