Since I was a Brownie in second grade, I’ve been volunteering and serving the community in one way or another.  My husband and I did a lot of work in disaster response with the Red Cross, and planned to someday do it with our children when we had some.  Of course, they will have to be a bit older.

In the meantime, I’ve searched for things they can do now, to start showing them a bigger world than just themselves.  My four-year-old is very mature, and could probably handle more advanced projects, but I want to volunteer as a family and have it be bonding time, so my options were few.  I called the church, the children’s hospital, lots of organizations, and was turned down by many.  Then, I persisted with the food bank and got permission to bring the kiddos to glean/pick vegetables.  We had so much fun!



The food bank doesn’t always participate, but we’ve met other organizations who pick together, so we pick for whoever is donating food that day.  We go fairly often, to glean as a family for the hungry.  Daddy loves learning how to cultivate crops, and I love seeing my boys learn where food comes from.  It’s so important for us to get out of the house as a family and diffuse the stress of the “to-do list” at home. I’m grateful for the opportunity to bless other families while bringing our family closer together.




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