I’ve been getting some good time in with my four-year-old lately.  He’s had some funny things to say.  Here are some of the interesting ones:

“I know everything.  God is the first to know everything.  I am the second.”

While listening to Chipmunks Christmas music, he says to his younger brother, “The animals you hear singing are chipmunks.”  To which his brother says, “Oh.”

“Merry Christmas, Mommy!  Can I say ‘Merry Christmas’ now?”

“Mommy, I’ll still be your baby when I’m 13.”

“When I grow up, I will go to work and pay for this house and our food.”

“Daddy, I’ll work so you don’t have to.”

“But actually you do look frumpy.  A little bit.”



“I’d prefer if you…”

“I didn’t realize…”

Ashland Family 2013 086

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