First Track Meet

Last spring, we were looking for what our oldest most enjoys being involved in.  He still loved EVERYTHING.  But he specifically told me he wanted to run races.  I looked into track and it’s only for eight years and up.  But I was telling someone about this desire of his, and she told me of an upcoming track meet that included younger kids.

I looked into it, and the event was in just a few days!  I signed him up, and Daddy tried to contain his excitement as his oldest son embarked on one of Daddy’s greatest fields of achievement.  Daddy was a great track athlete, and loved seeing his son take interest.

We arrived early and Daddy showed his son the events.  He took him through some stretches.



Then, he took him to line up for his first event: the 50-meter run.


Finally, his heat was called, he waited at the starting line, and he was off!


 He really gave it his all, and had great focus.


The other boys were very good, and though they were five and six years old, had clearly been training.  My guy placed fourth (out of less than 10 boys) but he loved it and we were proud of him for trying so hard.

Then, he was on to the ball throw event.  He has a good arm, and I’d been working with him on accuracy.


I wasn’t surprised to see him do very well!  He placed third!


I was happy he got to try track and see what it’s like.  That really is the goal of sports at this stage.  Seeing him enjoy it and work hard it’s a definite bonus.  I still can’t narrow down what he wants to do moving forward, but working hard at everything he does and finding enjoyment in all of it isn’t a bad thing.  I’m so proud of you, Buddy!



Let’s do it again this year!

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