First Day of Preschool

The night before my little big guy started preschool was a tough one… for me.  With us celebrating his third birthday, I hadn’t even tried to explain school to him.  I was worried he would be totally caught off guard.  How would he do in a class with people he’d never even met before?  How would he do without his brother for a whole day?  What if it was too long of a day for him?


Daddy and I packed up his lunch and backpack, and his little brother and we went with him to school that first morning.


We met his teacher outside and waited for the rest of his class to join us.  He was looking all around, clearly overwhelmed.  I wanted to talk to him about it, but he wasn’t even looking at me.


He seemed fine with what was happening, holding onto the class rope.  Then, the teacher was ready to head to the classroom, and as they started walking, it clicked for him that we weren’t coming too, and he fell apart.  He cried and ran to Daddy.  He just wanted his daddy.  In a way, it was exactly what I feared… that he would be uncomfortable at school.  But in a way, it was a totally healthy response.  I was kinda glad to be there to help him get through the process, and get comfortable.  Or, Daddy was.  He still didn’t even see me.  So, Daddy walked to the classroom with him.


Per Daddy’s report, my little guy remained a bit dazed, taking in the sights of the classroom, until the teacher said, “Sophie, why don’t you take a seat in the circle.”  Now, my guy LOVED circle time in ABA.  Whenever he heard the word “circle,” even if it was the GPS saying a street name, he would ask, “Circle time?!”  So, when he heard the teacher mention a circle, he bolted toward the circle and was the second child seated.  He turned to Daddy and gave a grin and a wave.

I had to head to my baby’s program from there, but was happy to get a voicemail from the teacher saying my guy didn’t cry again, was doing well, and was currently eating snack.

When I went to pick him up, he smiled when he saw me, then asked, “Where’s Daddy?”  He frowned as I told him Daddy was at work, and he said, “Don’t want that.  I want Daddy!”

His afternoon teacher said he did well.  We saw the boys’ friend from ABA and they got to play with him for a while.  It was a nice, familiar ending to a huge day.  I’m so proud of my guy!  I knew he would do great!


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  1. December 28, 2013 at 5:25 am

    Your son’s reaction is okay considering the new environment he is in. You must be really proud because he eventually forgot everything and started to participate in the class. I know a lot of kids throwing tantrums during the first day of school and even parents/guardians have to wait for them outside or inside until the class is finished to help the kid overcome the fear. Anyway, you mention about getting a voice mail update from the teacher and I would like to take this opportunity to recommend a great mobile app that will monitor your kid’s activity when he’s at school. It should be implemented by the school administration and supported by parents for it to work. To know more about the benefits of the application, kindly visit our website

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