First Bite

I got the call.  The call you are geared up for that first day your child is in school, and then you kinda forget about it.  “Hi, this is the administrator at your son’s school.  He’s OK, but…”

I don’t know if I was more worried my son was hurt, or had done something terrible.  This sounds bad, but he’s in special ed preschool, it’s not like there’s any behavior they can’t handle.  Still, they may be calling to address it.  I held my breath.  “Your son was bitten by another student.”  Phew!  I know, it’s bad!  But I just really didn’t want the first call home (still in his first month of school) to be something he’d done wrong.

So, he was on the playground, on the slide with a girl, who grabbed at his glasses, and when he turned away from her, she bit him.  Like REALLY bit him.  No broken skin.  They scrubbed and iced him to be on the safe side.  But after hours, you can still see the number and alignment of her teeth.  Poor guy didn’t cry or complain.


My little guy told me the story of what happened, which surprisingly sounded like the story the administrator told me: “Girl, playground, slide, grab glasses, bite me.”


Now, my thoughts go back to the advice I was given about not having him in a setting that would model poor behavior.  Now, if he bites, I won’t know if he’s coming up with that himself, or if this precedent was set for him.  Luckily, this girl isn’t in his class, but does share playground time with his.  I guess if I hear about more behavior like this, it will be something to talk about.

I’m glad my guy hasn’t hurt anyone, and didn’t lash out at this girl.  Maybe he was able to model behavior for this girl to follow the next time she feels frustrated.  Thank you, God, that he’s still good at school!

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