We are having a lot of trouble getting our little baby to eat.  He’s never been one to get hungry and complain, and now he’s struggling with the texture of food.  This has resulted in failure to gain weight.

The specialists he sees are preparing us for the possibility of a feeding tube.  Meanwhile, we are working with our occupational therapist to help him acclimate to the texture of food.  I’m pushing as much food I can into him, in hopes he will gain enough to not need a feeding tube.

I was really concerned, to the point of fighting with him to eat, and he was having fits in his high chair.  Now, I’m accepting that he will eat what he can, and any pushing will just make him less willing to eat, which won’t help him in the long run.

We make use of foods he does like, and any distractions we can find.  Novel environments make his jaw drop, literally, allowing us to get some spoonfuls in him.

One great introduction has been his oldest brother feeding him.  He adores his biggest brother, and will imitate words he says, and even tries to say his name.  I was very touched watching my oldest son nourishing his baby brother.



I’m praying and feeding, and have high hopes my baby will catch up in his eating abilities.

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