Family Reunion

We had a fun weekend in San Diego with extended family, celebrating Daddy’s grandfather’s 90th birthday!  We stayed at a hotel right on the bay, where we could play right outside our room.  We got to go to the zoo, and we went to lots of fun restaurants!


The first thing my baby did was crack open the safe in our hotel room.  Then, he found the phone.  I don’t even know how many times he called the front desk.  Haha!


Why do they put everything so low?

Our first morning in San Diego, we got up and headed to the zoo.  While we waited for our tour, we visited the flamingos.



Then, we were off on a fabulous tour.  It took two big carts to carry our whole family.



The first stop on our tour was the okapis.  And we got to FEED them!  It was so much fun!  All the kids joined in the fun!  It was such a cool experience.





We had a few stops on our tour to take breaks and ask questions.  Our little guy cozied up to our tour guide.



Soon after that, my little baby fell asleep.  That’s when he really stole her heart.



He got a little snooze in before it was time to visit… the giraffes!  Just look at how handsome and big he is!



I meant the giraffe, but I just realized my nephew also fits that description. ;)


And this wasn’t like other times I’ve visited giraffes.  We didn’t even need a tall platform to get up close and personal.  We each got to feed this amazingly beautiful, 17ft guy several times.  The boys were intimidated, but watched cautiously.




And then, we were off again.  I think my little guy’s driving made Daddy a little nervous.



After our tour, we had lunch, then ventured around on our own.  I loved seeing my little guy get excited about the animals and make animal sounds.



We loved our time playing on the bay at the hotel.  The wind made frisbee, kite-flying, and bubble-blowing a lot more fun!





Then we got ready for our celebratory dinner.  We love getting dressed up!



The restaurant had a great view of the ocean and the city.  The boys kept going outside to take it all in.



At dinner, the boys loved listening to their great-grandfather!




We enjoyed bonding with all the family.



It was a long day, and night.  You know you’ve pushed too hard when your one-year-old is crying to go bye-bye.


Poor guy was so tired, he didn’t move a muscle as I took him out of the car, changed him into jammies, or even after I put him in bed.


It was such a great weekend!  I hope the boys always remember all the fun they had.

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  1. folkhavenKaren
    June 23, 2014 at 2:46 pm

    Stunning photos of the giraffe… and is your family ever NOT photogenic?! Sounds like such a wonderful weekend. Our kids are also obsessed with hotel room phones. After being reprimanded by by the front desk a few times we now make unplugging the phone the very first thing we do upon inhabiting the room!

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