Family Playdates

This also an older post that for some reason or other has gone un-posted.  It’s been so long that some of the great friends we would go on playdates with have moved across the country.  We miss them!

So, my younger sons have hooked us up with awesome friends.  Not just the kids, but their parents too.  And between our three families, each of our kids has at least one friend his/her own age to play with.



We’ve had a couple family playdates, where the kids AND their parents met for some fun at the park.

One of the moms has been awesome about coming up with a fun craft or activity for the kids to do, in addition to running around on the playground together.



Our last get together was almost magical, as we successfully made a bubble solution.  Who doesn’t love bubbles?



It was a great coordination activity for the big boys…



…and sensory exploration for the little ones!



And the question about “Who doesn’t love bubbles?”  Well…



This is definitely a bubble recipe to hold on to:


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