My little big guy has been working really hard to learn new concepts and improve his language and speech.  His expressive language was a very slow and tough journey.  That is, until one amazing day in April.  Don’t get me wrong, he still has a long way to go, but on that day he experienced a language explosion that persists to this day.

Two things were going on that day.  One was that four days prior, he started a new supplement, given by his alternative doctor, intended to improve speech and language.  And the second was that we on a road trip.

Before that day, he had a small repertoire of words and phrases he knew and used.  Otherwise, we modeled phrases and he would repeat them.  On that day, he exploded with spontaneous language and concepts.  As we drove over a bridge, he looked down and said, “down.”  He served me invisible tea.  We sat him in the driver’s seat at a pit stop, and he said, “Drive!”  When the baby fell asleep, he announced that he was asleep.  Understanding location!  Pretend play!  Function of objects!  Describing actions!  He may have done these things before, but only with prompting.  He was now doing all these things on his own initiative.


His doctor, his ABA consultant, no one knows what caused the explosion, nor do they understand how it is sustaining.  The doctor said it could have been the supplement, but the improvement probably should have started on the first day using it.  He said if it was the vacation, it should have ended when the vacation did.  His ABA consultant is amazed at how quickly he is learning his lessons now, and how much he talks.  She has to keep writing new lessons, because he masters them so quickly.

My little big guy continues to improve his communication at this accelerated rate.  He went from almost no spontaneous language in April, to four and five-word sentences now.  His work is not done.  He is still catching up on the more complex language concepts, and he works hard in speech and language therapy to gain those skills.  But he is experiencing a miracle that not every child experiences.

I pray several times a day that God will heal my little big guy.  That He will make the impossible happen.  And I believe He is doing just that.  And I can’t wait to see how far He is going to take this!

I don’t put limits on my children, their teachers, or my limited parenting skills.  I don’t limit my God to what I think is possible.  Nothing is too hard for God.  I pray for continuous miracles and healing.


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