Eating Machine

I love my chubby baby!  He’s a new man!  His belly comes right up to his tray, and has little dimples in it.  His limbs are nice and thick and his cheeks are big and soft.  Sometimes, I even see a second chin.  I love it!  I feel like I have a big, sturdy baby on my hip these days.

We still make him high-calorie yogurt concoctions, but we’re very proud to see him turn it away and ask for “Foo!”  He eats what we eat, so we try to keep it easy and high-calorie for him.  He’s even asked for “Pizza” without it being visible.  Haha!  At least he’s eating all the veggies along with the crust!


He likes waffles for breakfast, slathered in butter and peanut butter.  Yay!  He’s even eaten two in one sitting.  I can only eat one.  And the other night he shoveled in more pasta than I could!


I’m glad to see him finally drink significant amounts of fluid.  He’ll sit and drink milk now, when he used to only sip and spit.  Yay!

I’m praying the eating will lead to weight gain, and developmental gain.  You’re doing awesome, Buddy!



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