E.T. Family Costumes


We had a lot of fun with this one! E.T. is such a timeless classic, with all the feels, including some suspense and a couple thrills.  Perfect for Halloween!

While there are classic scenes from the movie, it’s the Halloween sequence I love!  It’s when the story arc gets really exciting!  The costumes are iconic, and who doesn’t love trick or treating with Yoda in the 80s?


Because the characters pretty much made their costumes from what they had, this was easy to put together.

Our little E.T. was the first to choose his character. This was simply a round tablecloth thrown over VR goggles paired with clown shoes.


Our Elliott was a natural.  Gray hoodie paired with jeans. We stuffed a backpack and threw some purchased yardage of fleece over it and tied a knot in the front.  The makeup is classic Halloween face paint.


Our Michael loves the mild horror of his costume.  It’s a black t-shirt with camo pants we already had from a previous Halloween. We bought a bowler hat and knife headband.  We had more fun with face paint.


Gertie’s costume could not be found for sale.  Alas, it had to be made.  I have never made clothes, so this was daunting, but it’s only a costume, right?  I bought fabric, fringe, cord, metal decoration thingies, and a hat, and traced clothes I had onto the fabric and went from there.

Mom was for laughs.


We bought the dress, belt, headband, mask, earrings.  We had to make the wand.  I couldn’t believe no one was selling these!  It’s a kabob skewer between two paper stars glued together, then painted with gold acrylic paint.


It was a lot of fun, and I hope this helps anyone who wants to do the same.  When it comes to costumes, sometimes it’s fun to step off the beaten path.


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  1. Grammy
    September 23, 2022 at 11:23 am

    Great costumes! I have made a lot of clothes, but never without a pattern. You did the next best thing, which is to trace existing clothes. You did a great job. You have many great Halloweens to treasure. ;)

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