Dress Up

So, I’ve played pretend family with my big boys using Duplo people, but this time I had us dress the parts.  I held up one of Daddy’s dress shirts, and one of my dresses, and asked them to choose.  The faster one claimed Daddy’s and I had to sell the other on wearing a dress.  I put on some overalls and I was the “kid.”


We role-played our weekday morning routine, saying good-bye to Daddy, falling down and getting ouchies, going to school, etc.  Somehow our boring routine was fun and even entertaining when reenacted.  I added a little spice by acting up a bit.

I enjoyed seeing them in the parental shoes, staring at the misbehaving child, not knowing how to make the undesirable behavior stop.  It was hilarious watching them say “stop” like it was that easy.  I also valued seeing things from their perspective, and realizing a nice, genuine request for good behavior might actually work.  At least it did when they tried it with me.

Our routines and behaviors can get in such a rut, I always feel like I’m asking them for the hundredth time to stop doing something.  I now remember when the bad behaviors were few and far between and I took the time to kneel and talk about it with them.  I guess it wouldn’t kill me to still do that once in a while.


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