DIY Star Wars Costumes Tutorials

A couple years ago, we did Star Wars family costumes.  They turned out great, and we all had a great time in them!


I’ll tell you how I pulled them together.

Let’s start with the one that was just too hard to make, so we bought it.  That would be Darth Vader.  I only had to create a new strap to go around the head, because the one it came with would only work if you had 50% of a head.


Leia was almost as easy, as it made good sense to buy this one too.  It doesn’t come with a hood, so I bought similar fabric, sewed it in a loop, and sewed the ends to the neck seam of the costume.  It completed the look.  I opted out of the wig and just used hair donuts.


Luke Skywalker was fun to make.  He wore tan-colored pants and a karate jacket.  I made boots that cover his shoes from felt.  I just measured around his shoe and cut a piece that shape as a template.  I made a belt of doubled felt, Velcro closure, and put a binoculars case on the belt.


The ewok was an old monkey costume covered with a felt hood.  It’s two pieces of felt sewn together front to back, with a hole cut for the face, and little holes for the ears.  I did an uneven cut along the bottom, and thick, decorative stitches on the front like Wicket’s.  A recently cut limb from a tree worked well as a walking stick.


Han Solo was fun to make.  He just wore a shirt and jeans he had, and I made a vest from felt, with all the pockets Solo has.  The belt was cool, with all its straps.  It even had a holster for his blaster.  This was made from felt with a Velcro closure.  I also made boots from felt by measuring around his shoe, like I did for Luke.


The kids already had light sabers, and were excited to use them in costume.


This is a pretty simple way of doing Star Wars costumes.  I’d love to see yours!


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