DIY Christmas Crackers


I have always loved Christmas crackers.  It’s so special to get the fancy ones. This Christmas at home, crackers were harder to find, shopping less convenient, and home activities a little more cherished.  I made a last minute decision to make our own.  They’re definitely not the fancy ones, but hold that place in our hearts as we await the return of old traditions.


toilet paper tubes (the insides are just as valuable as the outsides these days)

wrapping paper


tissue paper


small toys


snaps (I couldn’t get them in time)


I cut crowns from tissue paper.  Using tape to piece them together was the humblest part of this process.  You could probably glue stick them together for a better look.  These will do.



Slide the folded crown, along with the riddle, candy, and toy into the tube. Roll the tube in wrapping paper and tape closed.  Gather the ends and tie with ribbon.


My sixth grader just finished a school project on Christmas in Ireland.  We miss it there.  This was a fun way of keeping traditions alive, connecting to our roots, and was honestly a lot more fulfilling than picking crackers up at the store.  I hope you’re convinced you can easily make these for you family.


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