DIY Bunting

OK, so buntings are the new cool retro thing.  You know, those cute flag banner decorations.  I definitely don’t go all out for my boys’ birthday parties, but once in a while, I try to take the time to do something special.  For my baby’s first birthday, I decided to make a bunting.

I was looking forward to making a real, fabric bunting, that he could potentially keep forever, but paper buntings also look awesome.  I also made a paper one using photos of him over the year.  (see bottom of post for pic)

For my fabric bunting, I decided I wanted the triangles to be 6” wide and 8” long.  I decided I wanted to have three colors, and eight triangles.  That was enough to get me started.  Here’s how I did it:


1/4yd Double-fusible webbing

1/4yd each of three (or more) fabrics

1-inch bias tape

Thread to match bias tape

  1. Cut the template triangle from cardboard (6”x8”)Bunting01 Bunting02
  2. Press fabric to get rid of wrinkles.Bunting03
  3. Cut fabric and fusible webbing to slightly longer than length of triangle (9”) by the width of the number of triangles you will need from that fabric (19”).  Remember you will need fabric for the front and back of each triangle.Bunting05
  4. Press one side of fusible webbing to wrong side of fabric.Bunting04
  5. Remove backing from webbing and press second piece of fabric onto first piece of fabric.Bunting06
  6. Place template triangle on fabric.Bunting07
  7. Place cutting guide along edge of template triangle.Bunting08
  8. Cut along cutting guide.
  9. Repeat this for each side of triangle.

10. Repeat until you have all of your desired triangles.

11. Line them up the way you want them to hang.Bunting09

12. Pin triangles in bias tape equal distance apart.Bunting11

13. Sew along edge of bias tape, closing the open fold, and holding triangles in place.Bunting12

That’s it!  You’re done!Bunting13

You can also iron on letters using transfer paper you use in your home printer.  I ended up liking it better without.

Here’s the paper bunting I made:



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