Date Your Mate

Daddy and I rarely get a date, alone, without children.  This summer, we had the opportunity to go to the fair in the evening, just the two of us.  I felt totally guilty going without the kids, who don’t even know the fair exists.  But the heat, expense, and bedtimes just made it too difficult to take them this year.  That’s what I told myself anyway.

I love dates that take us back to childhood.  They are the best!  My dad dropped me off at the fair to meet my hunny (I felt like a teenager), and we had the luxury of perusing all the food stands and eating whatever unhealthy food we wanted.


There were no children watching, nor needing to be fed.  I love that most of the food places haven’t changed over all these years!

We went on a romantic ride, which for me was a scary one!  How nice that I needed to be held tight for those ten minutes.


It was such a great night, that was all too short, but I appreciated seeing the fair again after so many years, and having Daddy all to myself!

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