Core Development

I’ve learned a lot from my baby’s assessments.  My biggest concerns were his eye contact and vocalizations.  Not because they are greatly delayed.  Just because I want to make sure they don’t get behind.  They’re the most important areas of development to me.

With my two-year-old, the prescribed treatment to improve these areas of development was ABA and speech therapy.  But, for babies, they said it’s different.

They said his spitting up, limited social engagement, few vocalizations, not sitting up alone, and not crawling were are due to one thing.  Lack of core strength.

They said every muscle in the body is connected.  His abs and back have low tone, which is why it’s hard for him to sit up.  The connecting muscles surrounding his stomach are also weak, which may cause spitting up.  The muscles connect to his neck, which might be a bit weak, affecting his ability to stay engaged socially.  Those muscles connect to his mouth, affecting the sounds he can make with his mouth, and also his ability to eat solid food.  The muscles in his face connect to his eyes, also affecting how long he can maintain eye contact.

So, for babies, the prescribed treatment is core exercises.  The stronger we can make him, the better he will do in all of those areas.  Once we started Infant Stimulation, I immediately saw improvement in many areas.  After a session, he makes sounds all day.

I’ve never worked out (ick, I know), so I found it really interesting how the whole body works together.  Physical strength is vitally important.  And it isn’t something everyone is born with.  Some of us have to work hard to get there.  And my baby works really hard.  I am so proud of him!


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