Christmas Woven Heart Basket


We’re filling our days with Christmas crafts.   Reaching back to some Scandinavian roots, we made woven heart baskets.  These were more fun than I expected, and I may or may not have needed my sixth grader’s help figuring it out.  He enjoyed the puzzle aspect of it.  This is an otherwise easy craft resulting in a cute basket for treats or to use as an ornament!

You just need two colored papers and some tape.

Cut two identical rectangles with rounded ends.


Fold them in half and cut slits, stopping when you get to the rounding part of the end.  We made three sections, but you can make more.

Keep the two papers folded and start weaving them.  You want a checker pattern, weaving each color inside the other.


You’ll know you did it correctly if you can open it and use it as a basket.


We enjoyed making something with our hands and relating to other cultures experiencing Christmas around the world!  I hope you will too!


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