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Part of what was difficult about starting my two-year-old’s therapies was not being able to do things with my four-year-old.  I felt like I was choosing one child over the other.  I was so concerned about my big guy getting left in the corner, I didn’t expect what was coming next.

When my baby needed therapy, he had to wait a long time, because we have little flexibility in my two-year-old’s schedule.  Now, I felt like the middle child was over-shadowing my baby.


My four-year-old is really left in the corner now.  I have grown past the resentment of not being able to plan fun activities for us to do together.  Now, I have to juggle and prioritize between the two younger children.  I still pray something will work out allowing my oldest son to go to preschool and have a real life.  For now, he’s growing up in waiting rooms.  I try not to get stuck on the sense I am choosing between the children, but try to focus on setting time aside for my oldest.  He is incredibly special, and needs to know it.


Our schedule is constantly changing.  Just when we adjust, we are forced into a less convenient arrangement, but then it isn’t long before it becomes more convenient.  I have totally learned to just go along for the ride and not even try to control anything.  And that is SO not the old me!

It would be so easy to just wait for the schedule to open up and let me do stuff with my big guy, but all of a sudden it’s been nine months, and he’s still sitting in waiting rooms every day.  It’s overwhelming, but I have to get creative with my time with him, while trying to restrain my nine-month-old from putting all the icky toys in his mouth.

We’ve been lucky enough to finally get some back to back appointments, giving my big guy and I enough time to go to the park with either of his brothers, while the other is working.  A park I didn’t even know existed until a wonderful new friend entered my life and planned a play date there.


Blessings are all around me!

There are ups and downs, but overall, I feel like we’re ahead!

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