CBS Studios

Last August, we had the opportunity to visit the local CBS studios with my dad.  We got a tour from the head guy over there, and we got to see EVERYTHING!


We got to see the bustling newsroom, and the “newsroom desk” that can be changed to replicate the top anchor’s desk in New York.

We saw the studios for CBS and KCAL, which were surprisingly small.  The job isn’t as glamorous as it looks on TV.  The studios are very small.  Instead of a green room, there is a couch with a little table just off camera, and there are often no other people in the room besides the reporters, as the cameras are completely automated.




The control rooms could be museums, as computers automate everything now, so the old controls are no longer used.




They still man the station for special events, and have to hover over the big red sensor button for certain live shots.


We got to see the garage of news vans and hear the thrills of field reporting.


We saw the room that controls what goes out to televisions all over Southern California, and heard the strict rules on how it goes out and at what volume.


Of course, Daddy enjoyed seeing the sports side of things, and the larger than life posters of past Lakers players.


We finished our day off by having lunch in a train… at Carney’s.



It was a memorable day!

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