Uh Oh!

The crazy kiddo chronicles.



Every morning, there is a lot of crying.  Not the baby, of course.  The big boys.  One offends or assaults the other, which results in crying. On this particular morning, while we were getting ready, I heard both of them break out in a cry at the same time.  That never happens.  I came running. …



It’s true.  From the minute the baby is born, and every day after, poop works its way into your everyday life.  I don’t think I’ve gone a day without discussing poop at least once:  “When was the last time he pooped?” and “Was it a big poop?” and “Was it a soft one?” and then…



I’ve heard a few stories about young children picking up their baby siblings without their mother’s permission, and the mothers trying to retrieve the baby without the older child getting worked up and dropping the baby.  I honestly figured if that happened to us, it would be the least of our troubles. I’ve been expecting…