Special Needs

Family Camp


Last fall, we had the opportunity to go to a wonderful family camp that enriched us more than I expected.   The brochure said the camp was for families with a child with special needs, but nothing more was detailed.  We didn’t know what we’d be doing, but we knew it would be camp, and…

Social Baby


I recently had an amazing experience with my baby.  His eyes met mine, and stayed there!  I’m used to him looking away quickly, so with our busy schedule, I tend to look on to the next thing after he looks at me.  But this time he continued looking at me. I don’t remember us ever gazing…

Working Toward Recovery

Ashland Family 2013 028

I came across this blog post, and while I haven’t read the article mentioned, this post strikes a few chords with me, from diagnosis to recovery. If you aren’t educated about special needs, you may think nothing can be done about congenital conditions.  I am so grateful to learn so many developmental challenges can be…