More information about me, Amy, and the “why”s and “why not”s of my life.

Tan Lines


How is it that I’m tan?  I mean, seriously.  Anyone who knows me knows I can’t get a tan.  As a teenager, I would lay out in the backyard for hours in hopes of getting a bit of color, that wasn’t a freckle. I’m a mom whose life is running from one appointment to another. …



Recently, I happened to notice something in the mirror. A waist! Or at least the beginnings of one. I guess I’ve been wearing baggy nursing tops lately, but this day I wore a regular fitted top, and noticed I finally have a bit of a waist. I had given up on looking for it months ago.…



I’m a Type A, over-achieving first-born who has always found life to be more fulfilling when I push myself to my limits, and make the impossible happen.  I was a shy nerd in high school, who tried out for student government and found myself in front of the entire school, dancing and lip-synching to a…