Since I was a Brownie in second grade, I’ve been volunteering and serving the community in one way or another.  My husband and I did a lot of work in disaster response with the Red Cross, and planned to someday do it with our children when we had some.  Of course, they will have to…



I know I’ve been home for nine months now, but I’ve been so focused on getting the babies the therapy they need, and just surviving day to day life, that I haven’t even attempted play dates.  And with my husband working weekends, I had accepted a life without social events.  We’ve done our best to…

Choose A Child


Part of what was difficult about starting my two-year-old’s therapies was not being able to do things with my four-year-old.  I felt like I was choosing one child over the other.  I was so concerned about my big guy getting left in the corner, I didn’t expect what was coming next. When my baby needed…