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To the Pitch!


While we did go on a few scenic day trips, we also spent several days just doing everyday stuff, like going to a Gaelic football game.  Compared to an American sporting event, one might describe this experience as “all business.” You arrive at the pitch, pay your way in (no tickets), and go to the…

Play Matters


This summer, Daddy got to be part of a great community service project through his work, by serving the community that inspired the creation of the organization he works for.  They got to build them a playground! (Daddy insists on having some context to the following picture…  as a build team leader, he was required…

Team Kate


You’ve probably heard about this heart-warming story already since it has been all over the media recently; unsuspecting businessman sits next to little girl with autism on 3 hour flight and rather than be annoyed or irritated by her behavior, he embraces it, engages her and even helps to calm her when it all becomes…



Hi, I do most of the behind-the-scenes stuff for the site, like editing photos, drawing images, editing posts, website design and layout, etc.  For the sake of being open and transparent, I wanted to bring your attention to a few aspects of the website here. First, we’ve added some advertisements to the right side and…

Car Wash


My big boys love their Daddy.  What’s almost as great as being in his arms, is working with him on a project.  Not an easy task to accomplish. It’s hard to attend to a task with little ones under foot, but once in a while we try.  There’s a balance between not working on our…