Anything related to autism or other special needs, and the corresponding resources, impacts, etc.

Social Baby


I recently had an amazing experience with my baby.  His eyes met mine, and stayed there!  I’m used to him looking away quickly, so with our busy schedule, I tend to look on to the next thing after he looks at me.  But this time he continued looking at me. I don’t remember us ever gazing…

Working Toward Recovery

Ashland Family 2013 028

I came across this blog post, and while I haven’t read the article mentioned, this post strikes a few chords with me, from diagnosis to recovery. If you aren’t educated about special needs, you may think nothing can be done about congenital conditions.  I am so grateful to learn so many developmental challenges can be…

The Earliest Signs


I recently took the baby to a neurologist after receiving concerns from more than one of his providers that he may have something neurological going on.  Unfortunately, it turned out to be a negative experience.  Instead of focusing on the symptom at hand, he brought up the family history of Autism, assumed that was the…

Special Friends


In the same week, I came across two helpful articles about the same important topic: maintaining friendships with people with special needs. The first was from TACA (Talking About Curing Autism).  They offered help in educating children about children with special needs, and emphasized the importance of forming friendships.  They had practical advice in what…

Reading Yourself Into Guilt


Every once in a while, I come across an article speculating on an environmental factor that may play a role in causing Autism.  Sometimes I avoid reading it.  It’s just such a sensitive topic, how my choices may have forever made my child’s life more difficult.  I’m not saying we shouldn’t look into it.  Not…