Car Wash

My big boys love their Daddy.  What’s almost as great as being in his arms, is working with him on a project.  Not an easy task to accomplish.

It’s hard to attend to a task with little ones under foot, but once in a while we try.  There’s a balance between not working on our long list of projects because we’re caring for the little ones, and finally working on them even though the little ones are clinging to our legs.

Daddy came up with a great project for them to help with, that we almost never get to accomplish.  Washing the minivan!  I wouldn’t have considered it, because I don’t like the idea of my little big guy being near the street.  It worked out well, though.  The boys were completely engrossed in their responsibilities of scrubbing.


Daddy finally got a fun moment with them, without any whining.  And I got a clean car!  It’s exciting to see them experience helping out, and even more exciting to see a project accomplished!  It made my day.  And it made theirs to do something important with Daddy.


After bedtime, Daddy ran an errand, and when he got back, my big guy came out and asked, “How did the headlights work, Daddy?  I cleaned them so they are really bright.”


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