Brother Therapy

I primarily attribute my little big guy’s miraculous progress to ABA.  But I’m sure it’s not the only thing that’s helped him.  In fact, I think there’s something else in his life that pushes him toward excellence.  It forces him to work every waking moment.  He has to think about new concepts, play new games, sing new songs, learn social cues, and say new phrases.  What is pushing him to greatness?  His four-year-old brother.  And he doesn’t even know he’s doing it.


My four-year-old gets a little impatient with his brother not being able to keep up with him, but what two-year-old could keep up with an advanced four-year-old?  Overall, my oldest has been wonderful with his younger brother.   He is so happy he can talk to his brother and have him talk back now.  He loves that his little pal understands his made-up games and plays along.  My big guy is ecstatic, and his brother is reaping the benefits.

I’ve heard children with Autism can benefit from social skills groups, but they cost money, my guy is too young, and there’s a waiting list.  I didn’t think he would engage with other kids much at this age.  I mean, he’s two.  This is the age of parallel play.  But he totally keeps up with his brother’s pretend play, and now initiates his own.  That’s kind of unbelievable.

My little big guy works hard. ABA does a lot. But I really don’t know where he’d be if he didn’t have his brother by his side.  They fight a lot, but his older brother walks him through his courses more quickly and more thoroughly than any lesson.  Praise God for putting these two brothers together!

I am also starting to see my four-year-old benefit our nine-month-old.  During a session of Infant Stimulation, the teacher and I were trying to get him to say “baba.”  He was holding a ball, so we said, “ball” and “baba” and he just looked at us.  Then my four year old said, “ball” once and the baby abruptly looked for his brother, then started saying, “babababa.”  The teacher looked at me and said, “Keep that guy around.”  What would we do without him?!

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