Boy’s First Story

My guy doesn’t really love learning to read.  And I feel for him.  I totally remember reading with my parents, them refusing to tell me what the new word is, and me wanting to quit.  It’s hard.  But this guy pushes past the frustration.  I know it’s getting more difficult, as his teacher assigns him more challenging books.  His latest one had quotes in it, and he didn’t understand what a quote was, or how to figure out who was speaking.  I thought he was really going to give up.  But he calmed down and focused, and figured it out.

Later, he asked to type a sentence on a computer.  I set it up for him, and the sentence quickly became a paragraph.  He wrote a story!  He kept coming back to add more!  And guess what he included?  Quotes!  He had his characters speak!  I was so proud of him.


The most exciting part for him was printing it out in formal type on actual paper.  He felt so important!  He modestly declined when we suggested he bring it for share the next day.  But without a better idea for share day, he caved in.

I am lucky enough to help in his classroom the same day as his share every week, and I got there in time for his turn.  When the teacher saw him shy from reading it, she offered to read it to the class.  Despite her waning voice, and his interesting spelling, she delivered the story as if it was written by Shakespeare.  The children asked if he really wrote it by himself, to which he responded, “Yeah, the printer did.”  They really seemed to like his story.  I’m so glad to see him get this confidence boost early in his education.  I can only imagine what great things he will do if he keeps this up!

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