Back to Work

It’s a new year, and I can’t think of a bigger transition our family could go through right now.  I’m going back to work.

I was planning to extend my leave of absence until my baby was eating well, or the boys didn’t need as much therapy, but I just found out, it’s not going to happen.

I wasn’t totally panicked, because on a whim I had interviewed a babysitter last spring and we had a good feeling about her, though the fact I didn’t need her may have relaxed my judgment.  But we called her this week and she can’t quite fit all of our children in.

Our therapy schedule is still all over the place.  We have appointments at all hours of the day.  We have some that will always be during our work hours.

Needless to say, we are unprepared for this sudden transition.  I’ve been in panic mode.  A big ball of… nausea.  I spent New Year’s Eve emailing therapists, calling my manager,  and writing and rewriting potential schedules.

There are so many changes that need to be made, and they will have profound effects on all of us.  While trying to move forward, I am in total denial this is really happening.  I just can’t deal with how hard it’s going to be to be away from my babies.

I tell myself it will just be for a few weeks.  Honestly, a few weeks will tell if we can really sustain the new life.

We have been OK with the idea of me quitting my job, but we don’t bring in enough money to live without it.  Not to mention I love my job, and all the people there.  We are praying for guidance and solutions for the situation.

God knows what each of us needs, and I trust  He will meet each of our needs through this journey.  I’m praying none of our children will be compromised by my going back to work, and that He will provide for us so our decisions do not have to be based solely on money.

I’m open to any ideas you have on how to get through this or bring in more money.  If you have decided to stay home with your babies, what have you done to get by?

Pray that we survive this!  :)


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