Baby’s Heart

At our recent well-baby exam, the pediatrician was listening to my baby’s heart and said she heard a murmur.  Of course I was concerned, but not devastated. With his poor weight gain, we need to be sure his heart is strong.  Our pediatrician has a wonderful relaxed, yet thorough approach, and just wanted to rule out any problems. This is not our family’s first heart murmur.

My little big guy has a heart murmur too.  It was discovered shortly after birth, and we were sent for an echocardiogram.  I prayed incessantly for his heart to be healed.  After seeing the results, the doctors weren’t concerned.  We followed up on it a year ago, and it was found to be innocent.

Now, with my baby, I was very hopeful that it would be innocent as well.  Part of me was concerned about this trend of heart murmurs, but I was already praying for his heart to be mended before our appointment with the cardiologist.  We went in and the doctor couldn’t hear any murmurs.  He said in some positions, he could hear breathing, but no pathological sounds.  We will check again in three months, to be safe.

I was hoping for an innocent murmur, but am so glad I prayed for no abnormalities whatsoever!  Sometimes we think we should pray for the better of a few unfavorable yet likely outcomes, and forget God can also do the impossible! I’m so grateful I didn’t limit Him!

I have renewed hope in praying for total healing in all the other areas I’m concerned about.  Nothing is too hard, and He will never cease to amaze me!


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