Baby Stages

I love my baby, but for me, the ages between six months and one year old seem awkward and a lot of work.  Is it just me?  Don’t get me wrong.  It’s an ADORABLE age.  Personality is emerging.  They’re starting to play.  It’s so much fun!  But there are so many critical milestones that must be reached in this short time period.

It’s time to introduce solid food.  Breast milk is not enough nutrition to sustain him.  He needs more calories.  We’ve introduced solid food, but he doesn’t care much for it.  It’s also causing constipation.  So, we’re treating constipation, while trying to get a lot of calories in, while keeping the food thin enough that he will tolerate it.  It’s a huge balancing act. situp

He’s finally sitting up, after a lot of working at it.  He is combat crawling, but it’s important that he crawl on his hands and knees.  We’ve been working and working at it, but he prefers the combat crawl.  We’ve been discouraging standing, hoping he will start crawling before learning to walk.  But, now he is pulling to stand.  I’m happy for him, but I feel a ton more pressure to get him to crawl.  Immediately.  He is completely capable.  I just have to convince him to do it.


He hasn’t been babbling, until very recently.  We’ve been concerned about his quietness, but are now glad to hear him have conversations with himself.  He’s saying, “Mamama” when he’s upset, and has even repeated “Ouchie.”

It’s hard taking care of three kids right now, with the baby needing so much of my time, but it’s such a wonderful age, and I know I’ll miss it like crazy.  So, for now, I’ll be crawling on the ground, holding up his little chest.  And babbling my head off.

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