Baby Proofing

With our first child, very little baby-proofing was needed.  He didn’t try to get into stuff he didn’t belong in.  Except one drawer.  So, we put a latch on it, which immediately broke when he opened the drawer, causing him to fall on the drawer and bust his lip (I’m not happy with Safety First.  It’s a shame they have such a monopoly on the market).  Our second child was much more interested in everything, so we have a lot of devices now.  Good or bad, here are some that we have:


  1. Outlet Covers

Of course, of course, of course!  Our outlets are loose, so we have to make sure we use covers that fit snugly.  We still try to keep furniture in front of the covered outlets.  Our babies are just so fascinated by them.

  1. Handle Lock

We use these on our old-school double-door closets.  The boys love getting into stuff in there, and now that I can lock it, it’s also a great place to stash more stuff I don’t want them to touch.  It’s tough enough to unlock that they can’t do it, but it isn’t too tough for me, though I do need two hands.  I much prefer the sliding silicone-type over the buckle-type, which hurts my hands and is way too hard for me to coordinate in a hurry.


  1. Drawer Latch

We have a lot, because we thought that was all we could do on cabinets and drawers.  As I mentioned, they break easily if even my 20lb one-year-old can break it.  Visiting guests often break these, because they aren’t expecting them.  Some can pivot, so you could turn them when you have visitors. Our two-year-old knows how to push the latch out of the way to open a drawer.  When engaged, the latch leaves enough space for a small arm to reach inside and retrieve small items like scissors, matches, clippers, so even when working as they should, there isn’t total protection.  I wish we had done magnet locks instead, but we didn’t anticipate such cunning.


  1. Flip Lock

We have one up high on the pantry door. Our boys like to search for treats… while we’re asleep.  This takes a little longer for me to efficiently lock.  The boys have used a stool to break into this lock. Magnetic locks might be better?  Yes, Honey, you told me so.


  1. Sliding Surface Bolt

We have one up high on the front door.  Our boys are tall enough to unlock the deadbolt, so we needed something higher.  We’ve had issues with them wanting to run after Daddy going to work, or excitement at a knock at the door.  I like how easy it is for me to use, and it looks good, but it wouldn’t take much ingenuity for the boys to overcome this obstacle.


  1. Door Knob Cover

We have one on the outside of our oldest son’s door to keep his brother from bothering any projects he has set up in there, or from waking him.  It keeps the two-year-old out, but we were hoping to use these for the older boy too, on other doors, but not only are they terribly easy to pull apart, I saw our four-year-old slip his little hand inside it and open his door in one smooth motion like there was nothing there.


It’s hard to know what you are going to need.  I say wait until there is a need before drilling holes all over your house.  Looking back, I would recommend something that requires a key or more strength than you think your child will ever have while at risk.  Height and cleverness are too easily attained.

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