Baby Grad

My baby graduated from his Early Intervention Program!  It’s designed for infants up to one year old, so it was time to move on.  But it’s not an easy thing to do.

Week after week, we sang to and bonded with incredible babies.  Not only are they adorable and loving, but they work hard to do things that come easy to many other babies.  Things like sitting up, eating, walking.  In just a few short months together, we see them grow from bitty babies to more independent toddlers.

Not only are the babies amazing, but their parents are remarkable.  Though all of our babies are different, as parents, we couldn’t have more in common.  The real challenges and triumphs in life are shared by all of us.  We had the opportunity to share our children’s struggles and victories, as well as our own, and finally realize we aren’t alone.

I’ll never forget the kiddos and parents I have grown to love, even if I rarely see them.  Every time I think about them I miss them, but smile knowing they are doing great and will do amazing things.

Our family got to come celebrate the occasion, and participate in some of the activities my little guy did weekly.


My eyes watered a bit as one of his teachers spoke about the lasting friendships we’ve formed and the wonderful journey our children are on, and how it all started on the Rainbow Mat.


I’m very proud of my little guy and am excited to see what’s next for him!  This is just the beginning!


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