Baby Collages

I’m totally not a crafty person, or one that spends my time thinking of little projects I can do.  But when I was pregnant with my first (back when I had my brain all to myself), I did have time for such thoughts, and decided to do a 12 months collage for him.  I do remember being careful about how many projects I did for him, because I knew I would have to have the stamina to do them for all of my children, but I’m so glad I didn’t give up on everything altogether!

The 12 months collage is a project of patience.  Some people work on it throughout the 12 months, but I didn’t see any point in dragging it out 12 times, when I can just drag it out once and knock it out all at once.

My baby is finally old enough for his collage to be complete, and I’m proud of myself for pulling it out and finding photos and getting them all printed and placed.

My wall is complete!


We can’t do it all, but we should at least do one thing like this, I think!  I know I’ll later be really glad I did these!

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