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I’ve heard a few stories about young children picking up their baby siblings without their mother’s permission, and the mothers trying to retrieve the baby without the older child getting worked up and dropping the baby.  I honestly figured if that happened to us, it would be the least of our troubles. I’ve been expecting…

The Start


I’ve lived a sheltered, “typical” life.  I didn’t know or interact with anyone with disabilities or any special needs, nor was I raised with exceptionally positive attitudes toward those who had them.  When I found out my almost-two-year-old had Autism, I was devastated.  Though I knew my son was still the same person he was…



I’m a Type A, over-achieving first-born who has always found life to be more fulfilling when I push myself to my limits, and make the impossible happen.  I was a shy nerd in high school, who tried out for student government and found myself in front of the entire school, dancing and lip-synching to a…