When I realized my little big guy had delays, and it would likely take a while for him to catch up, I was informed about special preschool to help him get there.  I was planning for him to attend, assuming he would qualify.  Then recently, I was made to think otherwise.

One of his providers did an assessment whose results showed little to no delays.  Every test is different, and the one they chose to use did not get an accurate picture of my guy, and didn’t address all areas of development.  These results nearly lost him his current services.  His provider knew he very much still needed services, and were able to make a case for him to keep them but had to compromise to fade them out.  But now, school would be in jeopardy.

I didn’t think it was possible, but his provider said the test results looked so good, the school district might not offer him preschool.  The thought of our current services soon ending, and going without services for three years, only to ask him to do well thrown into kindergarten, was making my head spin.

When we met with the school district and they looked at these test results, I emphasized that the results did not represent my child well.  They agreed the chosen test was not very accurate, and they would thoroughly evaluate him.

Now, my guy’s provider has tested him again using the same test, and the results will definitely be valued by the school district.  Of course, his scores were even better this time around, but the provider gave me the courtesy of showing me how they came up with his numbers.  They really were being honest on each question.  The test is just designed to give credit where it isn’t appropriate.

Now, I know how involved I have to be in his assessments.  I’m glad I learned this now, before the district assessments.  I will be sure to sit in on each one, and not be shy to clarify his capabilities.


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