Appreciating Mommy

I really don’t think of my boys as clingy, or “Mama’s boys.”  If anything, they seem to take me for granted (can’t blame them) because I’m always there.  But  then, I had a wonderful opportunity to present Jamberry at a local Valentine’s vendor event.  My oldest son asked to go with me.  He really seemed sad.  He even wrote me this note:

image (7)

My two year old wanted to be held and he kept saying, “I come with you,” and “Don’t leave me.”  Ugh!  I’d never heard him say that before.  So sad.  But it was good to know they like me. Haha!  And I definitely needed some branching out.

I came home to this note from my oldest:

 image (6)

Aw, he was still thinking about me after I left.  Love that little man!  And I love feeling appreciated!

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