We’ve been having a festive fall!  Our wonderful friends invited us along for their family’s traditional trip to the apple orchards in Oak Glen.  I’ve wanted to do it for a long time, but have hesitated with our hands so full the last couple of years.  Thank goodness for friends who make it seem like no big deal!  I’m so grateful for their inspiration!









The apples were good, but spending the day in the country was the best!  It was so nice to be completely surrounded by God’s beautiful landscape.  Our big boys were more than eager to run with the big kids and hike along the trails.


Don’t get me wrong.  The trip wasn’t a breeze.  There were thousands of people there, and my little big guy often ran off without keeping track of us.  This is why I’ve avoided such trips.  But we’re not going to learn how to stay together if we don’t attempt these trips.  And it’s important for them to experience the world beyond their suburb.



Daddy’s Note:  The farm we went to does apple picking in September.  We went in early October and were there for the last day of picking, which meant, not the best variety of apples, and not the best selection, but the experience was great!  Also, the BBQ restaurant and apple pies were awesome!  There were a TON of people there, so I would suggest going very early in the day, and also not on the last weekend of apple picking.  They do have U-pick of other fruits/berries in other months, so check out what they have when you want to go.

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